Tetesan Penyejuk Kalbu-"Until I come back, stay alive"

———————————————————————————-How much longer does she have left? Two months at most.It highly probable she will pass away in her current state.

Mom : Hurry and go sit for your exams. I`ll get better in no time, while you`re taking your exam.  Go on. You won`t make it in time. Hurry.
Son: I see. Alright. I`ll go then.
Mom :Yeah. I leave it to you. Give it your best. I am praying for you.
Son :What are you saying ?
It`s going to be a piece of cake.
Mom :Really?
Son :Results will be announced in one month. You can boast again then.
Mom :I`ll be looking forward to it.
Son :For the entrance ceremony in April as well, I`ll call you
Mom :Really? I have to buy something to wear.
Son :And then, six year after that, I`ll become a doctor.
When that happens, you can boast again.
Mom :Are you going to become a doctor?
That makes me happy.
Son :When I come backt to Tokyo, I`ll open my own practice. Right close to the shop. Then, you can boast for ever.
Mom :That would be really nice.
Son :Not “would” but “will”
You know I`m smart, don`t you?
The shop costumers, I`ll examine all of them for free.
Mom :I`m proud of you.
Son :Always. I`ll always make you proud of me. From now on, always. So, live!Until I come back, stay alive! Keep it, every once in a while, your promise.Keep it, every once in a while. 
Mom :I`ll try my best.

from 2nd Doctor Heli, eps 6

30 Januari 2012

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