Selamat sore Dokter, ijin untuk menawarkan simposium dan workshop acara kami tentang Bedah Onkologi :

*1St Solo Surgical Forum 2019 : One Day Symposium and Workshop*

_"Early Detection and Management of Surgical Oncology Case on BPJS Era"_


🔹Wound Care In Oncology Case
🔹Lung Cancer: Early Radiologic Findings
🔹 Urinary Retention Treatment in Oncology Case
🔹 Palliative Cancer Pain Management
🔹 Stoma Care in Oncology Case

🏢Harris Hotel, Surakarta
Sabtu, 7 Desember 2019
07.30 WIB - selesai
SKP IDI Accredited

Registration Fee ( *Early Bird* ) s/d tgl *30 September 2019*
-Mahasiswa/Dokter Muda/Umum : 400k
-Dokter Umum : 750k
-Dokter Spesialis : 1,250k

-Dokter Umum : 1,500k
-Dokter Spesialis : 2,500k

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Lauraine - Bedah UNS

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