*Online Seminar* *Covid 19; Biomolecular and Bioehics aspect.*

*BIOHUKI FK UII* and *FOKI* present...

*Online Seminar*
*Covid 19;  Biomolecular and Bioehics aspect.*

Topic discussion and speaker

*1. Associate Prof. Dr. Teguh Haryo Sasongko, PhD*

" _*Biomolecular aspect of covid 19; natural or manipulation*_ "
(Perdana University, Malaysia)

*2. Prof.Dr. Nadeem Afzal, MBBS,MSc, PhD*

*" _Immune response on covid 19_"*
(University of Health Science Lahore Pakistan)

*3. Prof.Dr. Rohimah, PhD* 
*" _Vaccine Development on Covid 19_ "*
(Ibnu Sina's Charity Medical  Association of malaysia)

*4. dr. Syaefudin Ali Akhmad,MSc* 
*" _Bioethics aspect of Covid 19_ "*
(Founder BIOHUKI FK UII and PhD student Mahidol University Thailand)

Time :
*Friday 17 April 2020*
*07.00- 10.00* Local Time West Indonesia Time GMT +07:00

Moderator ;
*dr. Faisal Ridho Sakti*

Each speaker has 30 minute for presentation

*Free Online Sertificate*

*Registration on*

*before Friday, 17th April 2020*

*Link Zoom*

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