Pre-event JOGJA CARDIOLOGY UPDATE 2021 *“Becoming a Cardiologist: WHY NOT?”*

dr. Fadhilah Az Zahro, CIMI
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*ATTENTION: for GP and Medstud*

Trying to figure out what kind of doctor you should become? Wondering what specialty you should choose?

You’re coming to the right place!

On this webinar we’re bringing you awesome cardiologists as speaker, cardiology residents with different educational backgrounds as panelist and cool moderators!

They’re going to share *WHY* they chose their specialty and why cardiology is a *GREAT* field

Even better, you’ll *definitely* get tips and tricks on how to get into this field!

Come join us on Pre-event JOGJA CARDIOLOGY UPDATE 2021 

*“Becoming a Cardiologist: WHY NOT?”*


1. dr. Hendry Purnasidha Bagaswoto, Sp.JP(K)

Cardiac Intensivist, RSUP Dr. Sardjito

2. dr. Dyah Wulan Anggrahini, Ph.D, Sp.JP(K)

Interventional Cardiologist, RSUP Dr. Sardjito


1. dr. Athanasius Wrin Hudoyo, Ph.D

Cardiology Resident, FKKMK UGM Ph.D from Osaka University

2. dr. Maria Florencia Delong

Cardiology Resident, FKKMK UGM

Maranatha University Alumnus, GP from East Nusa Tenggara

3. dr. Jagaddhito Probokusumo

Cardiology Resident, FKKMK UGM

Operational Coordinator, Medical Staff Protection and Mitigation Force, Yogyakarta


Talkshow: dr. Agi Ramadhani

Cardiology Resident, FKKMK UGM UGM Alumnus

Panel Discussion: dr. Widyan Putra Anantawikrama

Valedictorian Medical Doctor Master Student in Hospital Management

Date: Saturday, 6 November 2021

Time: 08.00 - 10.00 WIB


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