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(SKP IDI) Webinar & Talkshow Pre-Event 1 DEVICE FKUI "COVID-19 Pandemic Effects on Skin Health"
(8 SKP IDI) SYMPOSIUM TBM VERTEX 2021 "Update On Emergency Management During Covid-19 Pandemic"
Konferensi Virtual HKFM-1: "The First Maternal Fetal Medicine Virtual Congress"
(FREE CERTIFICATE) WEBINAR 1 Hour with the Maestro :  "Challenging Situations in Cataract Surgery"
Liga Medika 2021: There will be three major competitions in Liga Medika 2021 (17th - 27th June 2021)
(GRATIS 2 SKP IDI) WEBINAR Perlindungan Hukum dalam Pelayanan Kedokteran yang Berkualitas
(GRATIS 2 SKP IDI) Webinar Tatalaksana Nyeri Punggung dan Muskuloskeletal saat Pandemi COVID-19