Symposium dan Workshop JICCIM 2019 (The 7th Jakarta Internasional Chest and Critical Care Internal Medicine) 6-7 April 2019 Jakarta (SKP IDI)

The 7th Jakarta International Chest and Critical care Internal Medicine
6-7 April 2019
Hotel Fairmont, Senayan

Adalah forum ilmiah (Simposium dan Workshop) dengan berbagai pakar nasional dan internasional untuk berbagai kasus, pengetahuan, dan pendekatan terbaru di bidang Respirologi dan Medik Kritis.

Forum terdiri dari :
Simposium 6-7 April 2019
Plennary Session 1:  Medicolegal Aspects Lung Transplantation
Session 1 : COPD and Its Challenges
Session 2 :  Whats new in Asthma
Plennary Session 2: Whats new in NTM disease
Session 3 : Multi Modalities in Pleural Effusion and Tb
Plennary Session 3: Internist-Pulmonologist?
Session 4 : Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Session 5 : Diagnostic Modalities in Pulmonary Diseases
Plennary Session 4: Interventional Pulmonology and The art writing a good research article
Session 6 : Respiratory Infection in Critically Ill Disease
Plennary Seasion 5: Lung Transplantation
Session 7 : Update in Critical Care

Workshop & Exhibition 6-7 April 2019
- Non Invasive Hemodinamic Monitoring
- CVC (Central Venous Catheter)
- PICC (Peripheral Inserted Central Catether
- Non Invasive Ventilation in Emergency Setting
- Endobronchial Ultrasound
- Pulmonary Function Test
- Bronchoscopy
- Thoracic Ultrasound + Thoracentesis + Sheldinger WSD
- Chest Rehabilitation

Biaya Registrasi Specialist
Simposium : 2.500.000
Workshop : 2.000.000

Simposium 6 April 2019
Session 1: Common Respiratory Infection in Daily Practice (Pneumonia and Tb)
Session 2: Common Respiratory Problem in Daily Practice ( Acute and Chronic Cough, Dyspnea)
Session 3: Diagnostic Modalities (Upper airway disease, acute and prolong fever)
Session 4: Adult and Pediatric Emergency in Respiratory

Workshop and Exhibition 6 April 2019
-Interesting cases in respiratory medicine
-Oxygen Therapy in Daily Practice
-Basic resusitation in neonatal emergency
- Chest X-Ray interpretation
- Blood Gas Analysis Interpretation

Biaya Pendaftaran Dokter Umum
Simposium: 1.500.000
Workshop: 1.000.000

Simposium  7 April 2019
- Ethicolegal Aspect for Nurse in Implementing Nursing Care in Respirology and Critical Care Cases
- Respiratory problem in palliative patients
- The Role of nurse in respiratory Criticall cases
- Early warning system
- Oxygen Theraphy for patient safety
- Bronchoscopy emergency

Workshop 7 April
1.  Hypersecretion management (Bronchoscopy, Physioterapy, Suctioning)
2. Non Invasive Ventilation
3.  Terapi Humidifikasi

Biaya Pendaftaran Perawat
Simposium & workshop  : Rp 500.000,-

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